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Hammer Strength

Slam Bags

Hammer Strength Slam Bags are the ultimate example of form following function. Athletes get more out of their core strength, agility, grip strength, athletic coordination, total-body stabilization, activation and dynamic power workouts.

Technical Specifications

Weight 2kg, 4,kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 14kg, 16kg, 18kg, 20kg
Material Exterior: Neoprene; Interior: Micro-grade steel pellets
Construction Completely sealed, leak free; Proprietary steel pellet to air ratio for maximum grip variety; Easy to stack
Style Octagon
Product Codes HS-SB-3000-01(2KG); HS-SB-3001-01(4KG); HS-SB-3002-01(6KG); HS-SB-3003-01(8KG); HS-SB-3004-01(10KG); HS-SB-3005-01(12KG); HS-SB-3006-01(14KG); HS-SB-3007-01(16KG); HS-SB-3008-01(18KG); HS-SB-3009-01(20KG)
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